11th World Hindi Conference: Prasoon Joshi said – Movies show the colors of society

11th World Hindi Conference: Prasoon Joshi Said
Prasoon Joshi

It is not right to blame our films on spoiling our culture. Movies show the colors in which the society is painted. These thoughts were expressed by speakers at a special discussion session on Sunday, the second day of the 11th World Hindi Conference. Famous songwriter Prasoon Joshi said that the idea of films in the womb comes from the society itself. Even if Bollywood is called the industry, the films get consciousness only from the society.

If the family and school move forward our culture, then it will also be seen in the films. Look at the seeds that we are planting because flowers and fruits will meet with it. He said that if there is a house civilization then where there is a kitchen meeting in the house, it is culture. Milk is civilization but butter culture is there… The way in which the society and literature are deeply linked, the same is related to films too. If you take movies from society then you give it to the society. We have to see what is the role of films in the preservation of culture?

The legendary writer of Mauritius Shashi Dukkan was of the opinion that Indian culture and cinema are deeply concerned. Every year 1000 films are made in India, it is evident that their subjects emerge from society. Films have played a great role in the promotion of national unity and Hindi abroad. Minister of State for Human Resources Satyapal Singh said that the person who makes a human being is the same culture.

The nature of man is one and therefore culture is also one. Varies with location. India’s thinking is world culture. Writer Yatindra Mishra said that films have never come as a substitute for literature. Developed in the form of a different medium, which worked to portray life. The culture that appears in films has gone to us in films.

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