Aadhaar Card Software Is Hacked, Anyone Can Change Your Name and Aaddress

Aadhaar card software is hacked
Aadhaar card software is hacked


There has been a long-standing dispute in India regarding the protection of Aadhaar card. Recently, the Indian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) has said that it is working on face recognition technology (face recognition) for the base and in the meantime a report is being claimed that the software of the base was hacked. is.

Huffington Post Dot Inn has claimed in the report that the Aadhaar card has been hacked and private information about one billion people in India is at stake. It has been said in the report that the software of Aadhaar card is a loop hole, with the help of which a person sitting in any corner of the world can make a real card based on anybody’s name.

The price of this software is only 2,500 rupees

The price of this software is only 2,500 rupees. Huffington Post Dot In claims that he has published this report after three months of investigation. The help of 5 experts from around the world has been taken to prepare this report. The report is claiming that this software is still being used in the lurch. In fact, with the help of this software, the security feature of the base can be closed and a new base can be prepared.

The thing to note is that this software hacking card is being sold at Rs 2,500 on WhatsApp. There are also many videos on YouTube, through which a single base card can be tampered with and the new Aadhaar card can be made.

It has been said in the report that when UIDAI had given access to base to telecom companies and other private companies, this security flaw came in and now the person sitting in any corner of the world can take the wrong advantage. However, UIDAI has not made any statement on this matter. At the same time, politics has started on this matter. Congress has also tweeted this report.

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