Hardik Pandya Biography Family, House, Images, Brother, Sister, Hairstyle

Hardik Pandya Biography
Hardik Pandya Biography

This country is a country of 120 million people, but all these people live on the 11 People who are playing in the field. Each player playing in the field is a different story. They have come out of different life. Today we will tell you the story of one such player from the players who grew up eating Maggi.

He was living cricket due to Maggie. You might be wondering how? So understand that he used to save money by collecting Maggi and collects the goods of cricket. Today we are going to tell you such a kind of Hardik Pandya that you may hardly know.

Hardik Pandya Biography

Hardik Pandya full of aggression and self-confidence

They have mastered batting and ball. Cricket lover is called Sixer Boy. The selectors see the image of the all-rounder in it. Hardik Pandya did not get all this. The story behind it is quite inspirational and also laudable.

Birth of Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya was born on October 11, 1993, in Surat, Gujarat. Hardik’s father was a big lover of cricket sports. They often used Hardik to take the stadium to show cricket. Hardik had very little interest in his studies They have also failed in 9th class. Hardik has done a lot of work to fulfill the dreams of cricket.

Krunal Pandya also played the best cricket with Hardik Pandya

Krunal Pandya also played excellent cricket with Hardik Pandya, and the father decided to make his own son a better cricketer and adjust his business to Baroda.

Hardik Pandya did not have the money to fees

Looking at the talent and condition of the brothers, Kiran decided that there will be no fee for the brothers. That is, the cricketer Kiran More has a huge hand in making these guys a cricketer.

One side Pandya Brothers were learning cricket, while the father’s business started to fall.

Due to the poor condition of his brothers’ house, Kiran More told him to teach cricket free. Both brothers began to perform well on the field.

Hardik Pandya used to practice only on the field by Eat Maggi

Due to financial constraints, he used to eat the only Maggi and save money form food for buying cricket accessories

Hardik Pandya did not have his bat to play cricket

Hardik Pandya was playing a cricket match in 2014, in which he did not have his own bat. At that time, superstar cricketer of Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan gave him two bat gifts. In that match, he played a fine inning of 80 runs. And during the same match, John Wright, who was an Indian coach, looked at him. Then he added this player to Mumbai Indian at a price of 10 lakhs. And from here began the climb up started of Hardik Pandya.

Hardik Pandya never disappointed selectors

With 2 Man of the Match, Pandya pulled everyone’s attention towards him. There is a great stop in cricket. Their stagnation has the ability to make history.

Hardik Pandya also plays well in pressure

Hardik Pandya joined Mumbai Indians in 2014 and his first meeting was with Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin had said after this meeting that the team India would get a big star.

Hardik Pandya joins T-20 International in 2016

Pandya got 2 wickets against Australia in the match.

Hardik Pandya do the fun in the dressing room

Hardik Pandya tries to Enjoy everything from Cricket Room to the outside world of cricket.

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