India Is Selling Petrol Rs 34 And 37 Rs Diesel In Other Countries?


According to information from Rohit Sabharwal, Ludhiana RTI activist, we asked for information under the RTI from the Petroleum Ministry regarding the rising prices of petrol and diesel, which countries are exporting petrol and diesel to countries and at what price it is being exported.

A viral report on social media claims that India is exporting petrol at a rate of Rs 34 per liter in 15 countries, while refined diesel is being exported in 29 countries at a price of Rs 37 per liter.

It is alleged that the government has imposed high taxes on petroleum products for domestic consumers, while these products are exported at very cheap prices.

India is selling petrol for 15 countries at a price of around 34 liters, 29 diesel in 37 liters per liter of diesel. Yes, this news seems shocking, but we are not saying this, on the basis of the information sought under an RTI, it has happened to meet Rohit Sabharwal, a RTI activist living in Punjab, Ludhiana.

Prices of petrol and diesel in India are always the issue of discussion. Those political parties who are in the opposition speak strongly about the increased prices of petrol and diesel, but their power changes as soon as they come to power.

From time to time, people continue to discuss that the prices of petrol and diesel are far lower than our country, so why is it so? Politics has started even after news has come in social media. Congress spokesman Randeep Surjewala also tweeted on this.

RTI ने खोली भाजपा की पोल,
दूसरे देशों को मोदी सरकार बेच रही सस्ता डीज़ल-पेट्रोल!

भारतवासियों को दोगुने दाम में मिल रहा तेल,
विदेशियों को सस्ता बेच,मोदी सरकार कर रही ‘रुपये’ को फ़ेल!

अमरीका व इंग्लैंड जैसे देशों पर मोदी जी मेहरबान,
आम भारतीय के बजट को पहुँचाया गहरा नुक्सान!

— Randeep Singh Surjewala (@rssurjewala) August 23, 2018

To know the authenticity of this news, Aaj Tak contacted RTI activist Rohit Sabharwal, who lived in Ludhiana, that he told that under the RTI from Petroleum Ministry, regarding the rising prices of petrol and diesel, what countries did India demand for petrol and diesel It is exporting and at what price it is being exported.

(Rohit Sabharwal showing replies to Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited)

India is selling petrol for Rs 34 and 37
India is selling petrol for Rs 34 and 37
India is selling petrol for Rs 34 and 37 for diesel in other countries


Rohit Sabharwal further explains that when the answer came to the question, it was shocking According to the reply given by the government-owned Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited, under RTI, five countries were exported to the refined petroleum products (petrol / diesel) in five countries between January 1, 2018 and April 30, 2018.

These countries include countries like Iraq, America, England, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore and United Arab Emirates. In this period, petrol was exported from 32 to 34 rupees per liter and diesel at the rate of 34 to 36 rupees per liter. However, during this period, the price of petrol was Rs 69.97 to Rs 75.55 per liter and diesel was priced at Rs 59.70 to Rs 67.38 per liter. Accordingly, India is selling its own countrymen more than doubling the price of petrol and diesel.

India is selling petrol for Rs 34 and 37 for diesel in other countries


India is selling petrol for Rs 34 and 37
India is selling petrol for Rs 34 and 37
India is selling petrol for Rs 34 and 37 for diesel in other countries


Most people here think that India imports oil itself, then why is exporting so much quantity of oil to so many countries? While the fact is that India imports crude oil in large quantities, then refines it and exports it to other countries, and like many countries, India is also involved in countries like this, but what really is the message social The media is getting viral, its facts are correct. When we investigated, we discovered that the cost of petroleum products is different for domestic consumers and exports. Let’s understand the mathematics of determining their price ….

1. Refined petroleum is one of India’s top two exports. Hindustan Refinery is the 10th largest exporter of petroleum in the world. India exports refined petroleum to oil producing countries like United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Australia as well as Iraq and United Arab Emirates.

2. During the year 2017, India exported $ 24.1 billion of refined oil. Its share in the world market was 3.9%.

3. The price of refined oil for domestic consumption or export is almost the same. Experts believe that the price of refined oil can be high for the US and Europe markets because the cost of refined increases due to their high quality standards.

4. Export value of refined oil is determined by global supply-demand. Oil marketing companies can not do much about the reason of being highly competitive.

5. The price of domestic refined oil is more than the export price due to the center and the states due to tax rate exceeding 100%.

6. According to information provided by Indian Oil Corporation, Indian companies (August 20) get crude petrol Rs. 35.90 per liter and crude diesel at Rs. 38.25 per liter.

7. The price of refined petrol, which was imposed on dealers by India, was Rs 37.93 per liter, while the price of refined diesel was Rs 41.04 per liter.

8. Refined petrol / diesel applied without taxes is very close to the export value of refined oil.

9. The price of petrol in Delhi is 77.49 rupees (August 20). In this, excise duty is Rs. 19.48 per liter, dealer commissioned (average) of Rs. 3.61 per liter and VAT (including VAT on dealer commission) is 16.47 rupees per liter.

10. The price of diesel in Delhi is Rs 69.04 per liter (August 20). Excise duty of Rs 15.33 per liter, dealer commissioned (average) of Rs 2.51 per liter and VAT (including VAT on dealer commission) is 10.16 per liter.

According to the fact that out of the investigation of the case, the taxes levied on the domestic consumers can not be imposed during export time. Due to this, petrol and diesel prices for domestic consumers are higher than exported prices.

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