Rohit Sharma Biography – Caste, Family, Records, age, Career

rohit sharma biography
rohit sharma biography

Being an off-spinner, a cricketer who stepped into the cricketing world, who not only became a batsman but on the scope of batting, he started fluttering in Indian cricket like a smash hit… Rohit Sharma Brilliant shots selection, brilliant timing, brilliant footwork and the quick run on the field, Rohit Sharma is in the world of cricket. In his childhood, Rohit Sharma has been famous for his cricketing position and also notorious. He was given a chance in every match of the street cricket. And being infamous because Rohit used to break the glass of every house in the street from his shots. Once, the Bat-Ball movement had to reach the police. Rohit Sharma, the father of working at the Transport firm house in Nagpur, was born on April 30, 1987. Between the father’s low income and lack of money, Rohit Sharma decided to make a future in an expensive game like cricket. Rohit used to stay with Dadaji at that time so that his parents could have met less. Rohit got his uncle enrolled in the cricket camp. Rohit’s talent at the camp tied everyone up. His coach changed his school with the help of the scholarship. It is said that this was Rohit Sharma’s biggest change in his life. Meanwhile, Rohit scored a century in a school match. This century was enough to make a way forward in his career.

Rohit Sharma Biography
Rohit Sharma Biography A Success Story


A superb inning of 142 runs

Rohit Sharma’s game was improving day by day. In 2005, the result came out when he was elected from West Zone against Central Zone in the Godhra Trophy. Rohit Sharma, the bat in his hands, has done amazing. Played 142 runs in a superb inning. After that Rohit’s car was almost gone. He was selected in India A team against New Zealand in 2006, but from here he started his ups and downs. He was waiting for calling on Team India. It also got completed in June 2007. With this, Rohit’s dream and the family’s hopes were fulfilled.

Rohit’s bid for Rs 3 crore in IPL

After the spectacular show in the 2007 World Cup, the country became familiar with Rohit Sharma’s talent. Here, when the IPL began, Deccan Chargers bid on Rohit for 3 Crore rupees. Now the Sharma family started to get both money and fame.

Rohit Sharma is passionate, agile, talented, comfortable, calm

It is said that he was also very unlucky in the initial round. Rohit Sharma started ODI career against Ireland in 2007. But he did not get the chance to bat in this tour. In 2007-08, only on the tour of Australia, former cricketer Ian Chappell told Rohit Sharma the world’s most charismatic batsman. This was the same period after which Rohit Sharma was constantly failing.

In 2008, his innings with Sachin became a memorable one

People began to compare him with Sachin, but Rohit had to see much more now. Even after being well-known in international cricket, Rohit’s career started catching along the shore but he said that talent does not look for his own way. Rohit Sharma’s batting started again in rhythm. He was selected for the match against Bangladesh.

Rohit is out of the team due to injury

Once again, Rohit’s bat started roaming with him. On the other hand, unfortunately, and due to the spectacular performance of the new players, it was becoming difficult for them to make the team. However, Rohit never gave up. In May 2010, Zimbabwe returned to the one-day team with a century against them and then scored a hundred against Sri Lanka in the next match … but again due to bad form they had to stay out of the 2011 World Cup also.

Team India went to West Indies after World Cup, Rohit Sharma got a chance

He was chosen Man of the Series for his spectacular performance. By the time the team had come to Sachin Sehwag’s departure. The team needed a magnificent opener. With the Shikhar Dhawan in the 2013 Champions Trophy, Dhoni gave him a chance. The pair added Rohit’s bat, too. In the meantime, in the series with Australia at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore, Rohit hit a magnificent double century in ODIs … he had 16 sixes in this match … after Rohit Sharma’s move did not stop or stopped. Seeing them, they went to fix their place in every format of cricket.

So far three times in ODIs, Double centuries have been scored.

Twice against Sri Lanka, against Australia once. It is also the record of the fastest century in Rohit’s name in T20.

People know by name as Hitman

Sometimes Rohit Sharma, who has always been out of the team, is now being known by the name of the hit man. The story behind it is tremendous. Rohit has disclosed this to himself that after the first double century in ODIs, a member of the TV crew on the field told him that you bat like a hitman. This story was heard by Ravi Shastri and then mentioned this commentary in the commentary. Since then people started calling Rohit Sharma by the name of RO-HIT.

In 2014 England lost one of his fingers

Staying inside and outside the team was not a part of their struggle. There were injuries on some days. In 2014 England lost one of their fingers. They had to stay out of the team for a long time. From 2015 to 2016 he was hit almost half a dozen times but Rohit Sharma never gave up.

Her Lady Luck Ritika has always been lucky for them

Ritika is a sports manager from the profession. Rohit took a great way to propose them and took them to Bouribli Sports Club from where Rohit started playing cricket. In 2015, Ritika and Rohit took seven rounds and tied the bonds of seven lives. Just two years after his marriage, Rohit in front of Ritika gave a glorious gift to Sri Lanka for the third time twice in ODIs. It is said that Ritika is considered to be the cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s sister.

Rohit Sharma is India’s star player

In every format, the team’s strategy is an important part of the strategy. Sometimes luckily, due to injury sometimes, due to the form, Rohit repeatedly kept out of the team. But he has proven himself after the return. Hopefully, Team India’s Hitman Virat Mission will prove to be the most important character of the year 2019. Best wishes to future on behalf of One India Hindi…

Rohit Sharma Awards and achievements

  • He is the only person to score 264 runs in ODIs.
  • In 2015, Rohit Sharma was awarded the Arjuna Award.
  • Rohit Sharma received ‘Man of the Match’ and ‘Man of the Series’ award.
  • He is the only Indian who has scored hundreds in all forms of cricket apart from Suresh Raina.

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