Supply Chain Management industry make Room for Social Media?

Supply Chain Management industry make Room for Social Media
Supply Chain Management industry make Room for Social Media

The Supply Chain Management industry has continued to be subject to criticism from a while for not assimilating technological innovations into it processes and given that we are living in the 21st century which is completely digitized and ruled by tech, it seems highly unwise for any sector to not implement technology into its operational matters. Several processes are automated now which has led to enhanced levels of productivity, efficacy, output and cost minimization. Considering the every growing competitive market, companies need to steer clear and outline innovative methods to stay ‘in the game’. Students contemplating career paths often overlook the prospects of Supply Chain Management industry due to its ‘outdated work processes’ and find it unappealing.

The Proliferation of Social Media

Presently, every other person is active on Facebook or either of the Social Networking sites. It is highly unlikely to come across anyone who might not be aware of the phrase ‘social media’ and it has formed a crucial aspect of our lives. It has eased up communication and has seeped itself into the business marketing strategies as well. Social media encompasses a vast form of networking and media on the internet and comprises of social networking sites and facilitation of information and network sharing by mobile technologies. Meaning, you can access social media from your desktop browser or your mobile app or your tablet. You can log in from your school library or your workplace (given that there are restrictions). You can actively engage yourself in a virtual community and connect with someone similar to your ideals from across the globe. For a business like supply chain, which relies heavily on relationships; social media can be utilized by the companies involved in this industry to their advantages. It can also be used to build relationships and determine key performance indicators, such as on-time performance of a carrier or slow payments from a shipper.

How can Supply Chain Management based companies utilize Social Media to their advantage?

The integration of social media in the Supply Chain Management can reap many benefits and is not a very complicated task to begin with. In fact, many companies have already jumped on the bandwagon and incorporated social media into their processes.

Below we have outlined benefits offered by social media for supply chain management industries;

Increased Visibility

Having an online presence is crucial to both exhibiting a legitimized outlook and for giving an approachable platform. Social media assist in operating remotely and majority of the people now verify all information from the internet. Attractive and engaging content comprising of info-graphics and videos is excellent to capture the attention of the user visiting the site. If the user is captivated and impressed enough, then they will most likely be inclined to contact your company and receive information in a much quicker and efficient method. All queries can be resolved in a much more rapid rate plus with proficiency. Regular updates can help people remain informed regarding the company’s working and services and keep the company in the limelight. Platforms like LinkedIn which cater to professional networking consist of articles uploaded by companies giving practical information and insight into the company as well while simultaneously connecting recruiters and prospective employees.

Better Communication with Customers and with Organizations

Now that every other person is active on social media, customer queries can be resolved in a much quicker and efficient manner  as people can contact with ease and acquire information easily chat-bots as well. Companies can also communicate better with people from other organizations as well facilitate responses to supply chain disruptions via social media and remain acquainted with company updates and happenings. Information about accidents and road closures can be issued that affect delivery times which can be used to re-route deliveries. Companies can research and find new suppliers, business partners, vendors, carriers, and customers.

Reduced Operational Costs

With better communication both with your customers and within and with other organizations, you can count on increasing control in your company which can lead to a reduction in operational costs. With updated information and enhanced communication, processes will be much better so therefore when you improve your communication means, everyone can be contacted at all times. This can significantly reduce your labor hours and improve productivity when your suppliers aren’t waiting around for you to check your email.

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