Vishwakarma Puja 2018: Lord Vishwakarma had made gold Lanka and heaven

Vishwakarma Puja 2018 Lord Vishwakarma had made gold Lanka and heaven
Vishwakarma Puja 2018 Lord Vishwakarma had made gold Lanka and heaven



Vishwakarma Jayanti is on September 17, 2018. On this day God Shilpa Lord Vishwakarma is worshiped. According to mythological beliefs, Lord Vishwakarma is called Dev Shilpi. It is believed that he himself constructed all the mythological compositions. God Shilpi Lord Vishwakarma is believed to be born from the sea churns between gods and demons. Lord Vishwakarma constructed all the weapons, weapons and buildings. Lord Vishwakarma had built Sri Lanka of gold, Pushpak airplane, Indra’s Vraj, Trishul of Lord Shiva, Indraprastha for Pandavas and Nagarika in Lord Krishna’s city.

It is said that all the mythological structures are manufactured by Lord Vishwakarma. The birth of Lord Vishwakarma is considered by the sea churns between Gods and demons. The weapons and weapons of the mythical era are manufactured only by Lord Vishwakarma. He did the construction of Vajra too. It is believed that Lord Vishwakarma had only built Lanka.

Lord Shiva thought about building a palace for Mother Parvati. It was the responsibility Shivaji gave Lord Vishwakarma, then Lord Vishwakarma made the golden palace. Lord Shiva called Ravana to worship this palace. But seeing Ravana Mahal, he became so fascinated that he took the palace as Dakshina after the worship. Lord Shiva handed the palace to Ravana and went to Kailash Mountain. Apart from this, Lord Vishwakarma also built Indraprastha town for Pandavas. Vishwakarma had also constructed the Dwarka of Hastinapur of Lord Krishna and Lord Krishna of Dwaraka.

In Vishwakarma, it was a wonderful art to give life to some lifeless thing. At present, this art is given an engineer status. Vishwakarma worship is celebrated every year on September 17 in East and North India. On this day, machines, tools etc. are worn in all the workplaces, factories, companies etc. It is said that Lord Vishwakarma was a deity who created the universe. He was the son of Lord Brahma, and God Vishwakarma himself had created all the religious places of God. Vishwakarma had also created the flying planes of God, all the weapons of God were made by Vishwakarma god. Lord Vishwakarma was an engineer in today’s age language.

According to mythology, this entire universe has been composed by the hands of Vishwakarma ji. 121 of the 10th chapter of the Rig Veda is written in the Sukta that the earth, sky and water are created by Vishwakarma ji. According to Vishwakarma Purana, Adi Narayan first composed Brahma ji and Vishwakarma ji.

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